1. Januar 2007
International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media
Dave Everitt, Alec Robertson
Emergence and complexity: Some observations and reflections on transdisciplinary research involving performative contexts and new media
... Marcus Harvey's Myra; Sarah Lucas's urinal refer- ence to Duchamp in her Charlie George installation at the ICA; Gottfried Helnwein's references to the ...
International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media
Print ISSN: 1479-4713
Volume: 3 | Issue: 2-3
Cover date: December 2007
Page(s): 239-252
complexity, emergence, collaboration, transdisciplinary, art-technology, cliques
This paper outlines issues concerning collaboration, group behaviour, complexity and organisations with some reference to specific events organised by the 'Embracing Complexity in Design' (ECiD) project of the D21C AHRC and EPSRC UK research Cluster. These events aimed to encourage 'emergence' in transdisciplinary areas dealing with design research, complexity, media art with live or participatory elements and new media. They involved group work in a performative context along with on-line proceedings. The authors' research perspectives in art-design-technology, performance art and collaboration informed the paper, which explores possible prerequisites and conditions that stimulate or inhibit emergent behaviour among groups of creative individuals, drawing upon concepts from the fields of Complexity Theory and the Social Sciences. Suggestions, terse statements, open ends and partial completion are integral to the emerging nature of the research outlined, although a tentative framework is proposed in which to position work observed. Some recommendations are made to provide pointers for further academic and practice-based work.
Author(s): Dave Everitt 1 1, | Alec Robertson 2 2
Author(s) affiliations
1De Montfort University, Leicester.
2De Montfort University, Leicester.

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