1. Januar 2007
Art history
Levesque, Jesse
Dissertations & Theses
Body Anxious
For my thesis project, I have chosen to curate 'Body Anxious,' an exhibition of select works by seven artists: Kiki Smith, Gottfried Helnwein, Diana Falchuk, James R. Southard, Drew Sellers, Cristin Millett, and Chiharu Shiota. 'Body Anxious' is an exhibition that is precariously balanced between: life and death, health and disease, humor and bleakness, hope and fear, attachment to the flesh and an acknowledgement of its mortal limits, meditative calm and anxiousness. Its challenge is to present connections that are the result of a visual and aural dialogue between previously unrelated contemporary art works, created by seven very different artists, chosen by the curator, that explore bodily pain and the anxiety that comes with it. 'Body Anxious' philosophically challenges the art historical precedence of exhibiting artworks based on a linear structure, a structure that categorizes by artists, artistic styles, locales, and time periods. Its thesis is to connect artworks, artists, and the audience through a multi-dimensional web of conceptual and emotional relationships, in a gallery environment that has been shaped to highlight issues of bodily pain, the medical world, and human anxiety.

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