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27. Juni 2012 - 30. Juni 2012
ReelHeART International Film Festival 2012
Helnwein's 'Dreaming Child' at the 8th Annual ReelHeART International Film Festival, Toronto
Documentary about Helnwein's visualisation of Hannoch Lewin's play "The Child Dreams".
8th Annual ReelHeART International Film Festival June 27-30, 2012 The "Filmmakers Film Festival"
A documentary film, from Los Angeles to Tel-Aviv following Gottfried Helnwein's journey in the process of creating the visuals for the new Israeli opera.
The Child Dreams
Helnwein's realization of the final scene takes the breath away: a view of dozens of bloodied children's bodies, some of them hanging, some of them turning over and over in mid-air, as a vocal ensemble sings their words while kneeling on stage.
William Littler, Toronto Star
The Child Dreams, Installation by Gottfried Helnwein
"In a very poetic way Hanoch Levin describes the world we live in," says Helnwein, "with the child as metaphor for innocence, purity, confronted with the corrupt adult world. The adult characters, even the mother and father, are all archetypes; the child doesn't understand this world. With complete trust, he thinks that the bond between himself and his mother is unbreakable, but, of course, it's broken… A huge picture-wall of a sleeping child, through which the soldiers break, is the first of four amazing sets, culminating in a "universe of dead children in an infinity of space."
Helen Kaye, Jerusalem Post
The Child Dreams
2010, Installation for the opera by Hanoch Levin, music: Gil Shoat, Israeli New Opera, Tel Aviv
Levin's profoundly philosophical, abstract and ironic, sharply pointed ideas hardly lend themselves to the operatic medium. What came closest to Levin's spirit were Gottfried Helnwein's set and Omri Nitzan's direction. These were the main heroes of the performance, highly imaginative, altogether unconventional - without gliding into sophistication - and thought provoking.
Ury Eppstein, Jerusalem Post
Lisa Kirk Colburn
Director/Executive Producer
Lin Arison
Executive Producer
Alex Gans

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