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1. Januar 1988
Heiner Müller
Selektion - Ninth November Night
Black Mirror
Wie hält ein freundlicher Mensch wie Helnwein es aus, seine exzellente - Malerei zum Spiegel der Schrecken des Jahrhunderts zu machen? Oder hält er es einfach nicht aus, das nicht zu tun? Reflektiert sein Spiegel nur die Jahrhunderthaltung, LIEBER EIN SCHRECKEN OHNE ENDE ALS EIN ENDE MIT SCHRECKEN, die aus der Überbewertung des Todes kommt, Folge seiner Tabuierung durch Statistik. Perseus, der die Gorgo im Spiegel guillotiniert, und wenn der Kopf fällt, ist es der eigene. Wie viel Köpfe hat ein Mensch / Mann in unserem Zeitalter der Spiegel?
Black Mirror, Self-Portrait
polaroid, 1987, 70 x 52 cm / 27 x 20''
Helnwein, Black Mirror
by Heiner Müller
A story by Stephen King. An American schoolboy, twelve or thirteen years old, fascinated in his small-town boredom by documents on the German concentration camps - the way his classmates are by Superman - the formula of his fascination: THEY JUST DID THOSE THINGS...
At his daily bus stop, he recognises a face he has seen in photographs, under a black cap with skull insignia and above a black SS uniform. They boy blackmails the unidentified murderer to tell HOW DID YOU DO THOSE THINGS. The murderer tells to save his life. Curiosity becomes the urge for real experience: the two of them found Murder Inc. and rid the small town of dogs, tramps, and other "unworthy life".
... How does a friendly person like Helnwein stand making his - excellent - painting into a mirror of the terrors of this century? Or is it that he can't stand not doing it? Does his mirror just reflect the attitude of the century? TERROR WITHOUT END IS BETTER THAN AN ENDING IN TERROR. It comes from the over-evaluation of death, a consequence of "statistics" making it taboo. Perseus guillotines the Gorgon in the mirror -, and when the head falls, it is his own. How many heads does a person/man have in our age of mirrors?
Heiner Müller, Frankfurt am Main, 1988
First publication:
Gottfried Helnwein
Edition Braus, Heidelberg and J&V Verlag, Wien, January 1988, ISBN 3-925835-07-5.
Published for the exhibition "Der Untermensch", Gottfried Helnwein, Self-portraits, Musée d’Art Moderne, Strasbourg, 1987
Further publications:
Helnwein - The Monograph
Published for the Helnwein - Retrospective at the Marble Palace of the State Russian Museum St. Petersburg.
Edition with English text - ISBN: 5900872556
Edition with Russian text - ISBN: 3-930775-31-X
Palace Edition, St. Petersburg, 1997
Second edition:
Koenemann, Cologne, 1998
Texts in English, German and French.
ISBN: 3829014481

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