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21. Mai 2003
Studio Los Angeles
Arundhati Roy visits the studio
Arundhati Roy visited the studio, accompanied by her friend, filmmaker Aradhana Seth with her husband Consul General of Austria, Peter Launsky-Tiefenthal, Anthony Arnove from New York and art-critic Edward Goldman from KCRW Los Angeles.
Helnwein and Arundhati Roy
Arundhati Roy chosen for US prize

Booker Prize winner Arundhati Roy has been selected by the US-based Lannan Foundation for its fourth annual $350,000 Prize for Cultural Freedom. The money will be donated to various people's organisations.
Times of India, 23 January 2003
"Four thousand six hundred millions years old the earth is... so what does it matter what they say about my book ? I think the book is on its own, and it should travel its way, and whatever happens is okay."
Arundhati Roy's debut novel The God of Small Things was launched on 4 April 1997 in Delhi and won the Booker prize in London, on 14 October 1997. In the intervening period, she received a reported £500,000 in advances and the rights to her book were sold in 21 countries.

The book was completed in May 1996 and passed to an agent in June. Roy was not particularly confident: "It is a very fragile, personal book and I have never had any perspective about it.
A film by Aradhana Seth with Arundhati Roy
UCLA Royce Hall
Tuesday, May 27, 2003, 7:00 pm
Produced and directed by Aradhana Seth, "DAM/AGE" chronicles the bold campaign against the Narmada dam project in northern India and the contempt of court case that led to a prolonged case against Roy and eventually a one-day jail sentence in spring of 2002. In a clear and accessible manner, the film weaves together a number of issues that lie at the heart of politics today - from the consequences of development and globalization to the ever more urgent need for state accountability and the freedom of speech.
Aradhana Seth is a documentary filmmaker and a production designer. She has worked extensively in her native India as well as in Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Her credits include 16 documentary films - made for broadcast in India, Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States - and a combination of audio-visuals, live news coverage, radio features and photographs.
Born in India and trained as an architect, Arundhati Roy was awarded the coveted Booker Prize in 1997 for her first novel, "The God of Small Things", which has been translated into more than 30 languages. Roy is also the author of three collections of essays - "War Talk" (2003), "Power Politics" (2001), and "The Cost of Living" (1999), as well as numerous articles.
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