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1. September 2005
Helnwein collaborates with Manson on film-project "Phantasmagoria"
PHANTASMAGORIA - The Visions Of Lewis Carroll
Excerpt from
"Dramatic new Scenes for Celebritarian Needs"
-An exclusive interview with Marilyn Manson.
(The Heirophant)
The Heirophant is pleased to present its second exclusive
interview with Marilyn Manson at the brink of a new era.
Among the many topics discussed are Manson’s
multi-faceted Celebritarian movement and the forthcoming
Aside from Gottfried Helnwein and John Galiano are there any other artists, writers or musicians whom you're planning on collaborating with for this new era? Boyd Rice for example?
Whenever I see Boyd, I always enjoy being around him. We ended up having a coincidental obsession with Sintra Portugal – which is a very powerfully magical, strange place. It was my first choice for location to shoot my film PHANTASMAGORIA or possibly the second part of what I want to do, which would be the follow-up. That is my version of the stories that Lewis Carroll wrote, Alice and Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Because I’m telling it from his point of view as a photographer; a voyeur that hid behind the camera. I thought that looking through the glass was the way I would describe the stories. It’s really a two film project.
I intend the first film to be very unconventional in its delivery to the world. It was reported earlier on and somewhat incorrectly the way things would go about. My website is being –- and I happen to actually see the progress itself today to know that it has been created to be a place where you can see even more than what is in the film, whether it will be viewed as trailers or teasers, or further elements that aren’t necessary to support the film. If you enjoy the film, there’s a wealth of knowledge there to dig deeper.
For everyone who loves the riddles and hidden sites that I’m obsessed with; that Lewis Carroll himself was obsessed with – and that’s why I find such a great relationship to him. The website will be a place that is different each time you go to it. That may sound like a false promise, but it isn’t. It’s something that will be filled with as much as you want to find and as much as you’re brave enough to look for. I’ve spent about a half a year getting to that. In a way, it’s what I’ve been making this year. Some people spend that time making an album. I’ve spent that time making a website.
Back to the people collaborating: Helnwein, my mentor, of course.
Also Charles Koutris, an actor and painter (director of photography for Doppelherz).
I’m going to begin shooting my film PHANTASMAGORIA in January in Ireland primarily, but in other locations as well. Lily Cole, who is a model… she has red hair and very striking features like a doll. The idea I had of Alice in my head was very attached to someone with red hair and meeting her and finding her, she’s very much the personality of this character.
Obviously, I’ll be playing Lewis Carroll and directing with the assistance of Anthony Silva who is my co-writer and editor. His art will be soon discovered by everyone. He is an animator and has a lot of projects underway. We met in a just as strange way as you and I would’ve met. He sent me a DVD of his work, but I didn’t find it until a year later. When I did, I was astonished by it.
Steven Klein, a fashion photographer who -- he probably wouldn’t want me to say it -- would hate to be judged by his work on the new Madonna record... He did something really fantastic that I thought -- me as a Madonna fan -- and I recently got to meet her. I watched a screening of her film and I was sitting right next to her, which, to me, was exciting still. I’m not jaded enough to not be excited by that. The beginning of this film, if anyone’s seen it -- they showed on MTV where she’s with this coyote and she found these amazing jeweled masks and costume – Steven was responsible for that. Today, I was lucky enough to receive a gift from him because I went to his art exhibit which showed the darker side of his Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie photo shoot that was in W Magazine. This was the violent black and white, extremely grainy blow-ups and this one is of a total eruption of domestic violence showing Brad with his gun choking her.
It’s odd because I’ve met with them and have spoken to Angelina about being involved in one of the film projects. Probably the second one because I believe that she is a prime candidate for the Red Queen. I’ve just got to bargain my way with her to do that. As I will reveal on my new site in my art gallery -- that is much more comprehensive of everything I do -- not just the painting, but the sketches, and I Polaroid everything I do to document the progress. I’ve done several portraits of Angelina. More of a bribe, actually. They asked me to paint their family portrait. I don’t know if that’s supposed to be a secret, but now that it’s known that they’re a family (laughs) I think that’s quite odd, so that’ll be an interesting project for me to do on the side.
Brad Pitt, who is one of my favorite actors, enjoyed and was impressed by the footage that I showed him of the trailer we’ve just created for the film. The trailer was created in and of itself, so it’s not necessarily representative of what you see in the film; it’s representative of parts of the aesthetic and that’s what I like doing. It makes every single bit an enjoyable creation that everyone gets to have input in rather than everything as an afterthought for marketing. I want everything to be an artistic expression because it’s definitely something better to do during the day than to watch TV.
Manson and Helnwein

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