News Update
1. August 2008
Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague
Curator: Peter Nedoma
Summary of reviews and texts
Angels Sleeping - The exhibition Reviews
Galerie Rudolfinum in Prague - Helnwein's images of pain and innocence won't let history sleep.
An alternative title to “Angels Sleeping” for this exhibition could be “All Hail to the Wounded Child,” as many of the works center on irreparably wounded children (both externally and internally) as the innocent victims of war. The children in Helnwien’s works may also represent the lost or destroyed child in all of us, not only as victims of war, but as victims of modern society, with all its mindless violence and perverse attraction to aggressive mobs and disturbances. If there were a soundtrack to this exhibition, it would be a long, endless scream. Tony Ozuna, The Prague Post, 02. July 2008
Rudolfinum, Prague
Opening of the Helnwein-Exhibition at Galerie Rudolfinum in Prague

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