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14. Oktober 2011
Carmel Art and Film Festival
'Gottfried Helnwein and the Dreaming Child' at the Carmel Art and Film Festival
Director: Lisa Kirk Colburn 
Running time: 72 minutes 
Friday, October 14 
Sunset Center Studio 105 
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
"Gottfried Helnwein And The Dreaming Child" is a feature documentary about a world famous Austrian artist, Gottfried Helnwein, and his challenge designing the sets and costumes for a never before seen opera in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2010. This violent and often bloody opera, THE CHILD DREAMS, was written by Israel's most famous playwright, Hanoch Levin, who passed away in 1999. This opera portrays the hopes and dreams of innocent children in search of freedom and peace. Levin specifically states in his libretto that the opera requires a small child who would portray the dreaming child through out the opera. However, the director of the opera wishes to use a mature woman to play the child and that leads to conflict and confrontation with his set designer. Gottfried fights for the child on the stage just like he does in his enormous, realistic paintings. Images of children burned so deep into your mind that you can never forget. Gottfried's work on this opera is much the same as his paintings, which are beautiful yet often difficult to look at.
Friday, October 14 
Sunset Center Studio 105 
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
CARMEL ART AND FILM FESTIVAL - October 12 - 16, 2011
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The Child Dreams, Installation by Gottfried Helnwein
Installation for the opera 'The Child Dreams'
2010, by Hanoch Levin, music: Gil Shoat, New Israeli Opera, Tel Aviv
Filming for the documentary "The Child Dreams"

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