News Update2011-2010
10. November 2011
Sotheby's New York
Helnwein's 'Midnight Mickey' at Sotheby's New York
New York, 10 November 2011, at 2pm - Lots 401-602
oil and acrylic on canvas
217.2 by 301cm
executed in 2001
Aquired directly from the artist in July 2002
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
'The Child: Works by Gottfried Helnwein."
November 2004,,pp.132-134
illustrated in color
Midnight Mickey
mixed media (oil and acrylic on canvas), 2001, 216 x 300 cm / 85 x 118''
"Rendered from an oblique angle, his jaunty, ingenuous visage looks somehow sneaky and suspicious. His broad smile, encasing a row of gleaming teeth, seems more a snarl or leer. This is Mickey as Mr. Hyde, his hidden other self now disturbingly revealed. Helnwein's Mickey is painted in shades of gray, as if pictured on an old black-and-white TV set. We are meant to be transported to the flickering edges of our own childhood memories in a time imaginably more blameless, crime-less and guiltless... But Mickey's terrifying demeanor hints of things to come."
From "Darker Side of Playland: "Childhood Imagery from the Logan Collection," San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 2001

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