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17. September 2015
San Francisco
Upcoming 2015 Release on Gottfried Helnwein
We couldn't be more excited to announce a 2015 publication featuring the work of Austrian-born artist, Gottfried Helnwein.
Helnwein is one of the most controversial figures in contemporary art post WWII, primarily known for hyper-realistic images of wounded and bandaged children. Throughout his work Helnwein deals with the themes of pain, injury and violence, and in recent years has begun to touch on other themes including National Socialism.

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September 17, 2015
Samantha Matcovsky
Arts Publishing 2.0: A Collaboration of Publishers and Artists

In an age with an intense focal point of digitalization, Vivant Books has successful seeped through the cracks to present us with fine art in a way that's elegant, inventive and refreshing. Upcoming Vivant Books will feature artist Gottfried Helnwein.
Established in 2009 by mother and daughter duo, Mia and Becky Benenate, Vivant Books brings to the world a very exclusive breed of coffee table book. The company publishes contemporary fine art books that are saturated with high quality and value. Each book, available in both limited editions and deluxe artist editions, is an anthology that includes writings from art world luminaries such as gallerists, art writers and critics, artists, museum directors and curators, etc. and contains brilliant architectural design, full length biographies and a collection of artwork by the featured artist.
Mia and Becky not only channel their energy towards producing books of an outstanding caliber but they also focus on accessibility. What I mean by this, and what might be my favorite aspect of this company, is that a selection of their deluxe artist editions are packaged with original artwork by the featured artist. Original. Artwork.

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