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31. Mai 1985
Rolling Stone
Tim Cahill
Clint Eastwood's American Dream
From spaghetti-western critics' joke to the highest-paid star for two years running, Clint Eastwood has earned his place as the most popular movie star in the world
Clint Eastwood on the cover of Rolling Stone, by Gottfried Helnwein
Precisely two decades ago, a friend of mine insisted I go see a movie about the American West, a film made in Italy and shot partially in Spain. At the time, it was intellectually acceptable to be passionate about Italian films that limned the sick soul of Europe; the idea of an Italian western was oxymoronic – at best, like, oh, a German romantic comedy. What's more, in America the western as a genre seemed bankrupt, and going to see A Fistful of Dollars, which featured an international no-star cast headed by Clint Eastwood, some second-banana cowboy on an American TV series called Rawhide, promised to be entertaining in a manner the director, another unknown named Sergio Leone, probably never intended.

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