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25. Juni 2002
Marilyn Manson
"A World of Horror in Pictures." Marilyn Manson collaborates with legendary artist Gottfried Helnwein
Marilyn Manson and painter Gottfried Helnwein have joined forces to collaborate on a series of creations that are aimed at placing art on the edge, where it belongs. In the tradition of AKTION, the pair intend to have a powerful effect on the bland world of entertainment. Helnwein's use of taboo subject matter has gained him respect and notoriety worldwide. Museums in NYC, Berlin, Vienna and Zurich are just a few locations where his challenging images have left controversy in their wake. He has worked with Marlena Dietrich and was chosen by Time Magazine to paint JFK on the 20th anniversary of his assassination. The Simon Wiesenthal Foundation supported his work in Europe and here in Los Angeles, the Museum of Tolerance will be displaying a series of portraits that were vandalized by neo-fascists who labeled them "degenerate art." His fight for expression and stance against oppression are reasons why Manson chose him as an artistic partner. Check the journal for candid pics and more.
Manson and Helnwein
Manson and Helnwein,

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