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30. September 2002
Roger Avary
Los Angeles
Helnwein art for Roger Avary's film "The Rules of Attraction"
Shannyn Sossamon und Theresa Wayman
Roger Avary won an Oscar 1995 for co-writing Pulp Fiction
Rules of attraction
rules of attraction
rules of attraction
photograph, 2002
rules of attraction
photograph, 2002, by Fred Topel
10-3-2002 - 9:02 AM | Interviews  Movies  
'The Rules Of Attraction' - A Sexual Debate
The Rules of Attraction looks at the sexual views of college-aged kids by way of three unique people: The virgin Lauren (Shannyn Sossamon); the promiscuous Sean (James Van Der Beek); and the bisexual and promiscuous Paul (Ian Somerhalder). Adapted from Bret Easton Ellis’s novel by Pulp Fiction co-writer Roger Avary, the film sparked debate at the Sundance Film Festival and has struggled with the MPAA for its R-rated release.
Producer Greg Shapiro spoke to about the film. Only the third film to his credit, Rules is generating buzz for its content, avant-garde execution and even its poster. One poster image shows a photo still from the film of Sossamon with the dead body of a suicide victim. Another poster is simply made up of stuffed animals with no shots from the film. That and more were the subject of the following interview:
Greg Shapiro: (excerpt)
Well, Lion’s Gate has come up with several clever ideas for their own posters and Roger and I had proposed an idea early on about using this artist, Gottfried Helnwein. Roger had been a big fan of his and we actually used Helnwein’s work in the movie in a scene that’s no longer in the film. But Roger had been a fan and we brought Helnwein, who had just moved to Los Angeles, to come see the movie and he really responded to it. We asked him if he might be interested in helping us design something as a poster for the movie and he agreed, on the condition that he could come up with an idea and some single image would strike him that he thought could represent the film. He called us back and said, “I think I might be able to do something based on the suicide scene in the movie.” So, we set up a photo shoot and he basically recreated that scene to his own imagination, to his own eye and he came up with the image that we’re using. 2002, 10, 06

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