1. Juni 2003
The names of the terminals in the room A93 are "helnwein", "bosch", "tizian", "munch", "bruegel", "davinci", "rodin", "escher" and "giacometti"
How to remote access (advanced)?
Nationaler Forschungsschwerpunkt Klima
National Centre for Competence in Research
Technical Introduction for the LAB
What softwares are available on SUN workstations in the room A93?

* Matlab: We use this commercial software to do scientific/numerical calculations throughout the lab. It's strength lies in matrix/vector calculations and graphics (see prob2_vector.m of Problem 2, for example).
* Xemacs: This is one of the most widely used text editors. It is recommended to use in writing a Matlab program in this lab. But, if you are familiar with other text editors, go for it.
* Netscape: No need to explain, I hope.
* Acrobat Reader: This is a free software to read PDF (Portable Document Format) files (file name with .pdf). PDF is a widely used format to store/distribute document on internet, becoming standard. Many governments even use this as standard electric format for documents.
* Ghostview: This is one of the most widely used viewer for postscript files (file name with .ps or .eps). You can create *.eps files with Matlab to print out the results of figures or export to different softwares.
* Entire list of softwares can be listed on the display by typing "module avail".
How to start those softwares?

* Matlab: First type "module load matlab", and then type "matlab".
* Xemacs: Type "xemacs".
* Netscape: Type "netscape".
* Acrobat Reader: First type "module load acrobat", and then type "acroread".
* Ghostview: Type "gv".
* If you want to run more than one software at the same time in one terminal window, use "&". For example, type "xemacs&" instead of "xemacs".
How to remote access (advanced)?

* The names of the terminals in the room A93 are "helnwein", "bosch", "tizian", "munch", "bruegel", "davinci", "rodin", "escher", "giacometti", and "yoshitoshi". Complete names are all followed by "unibe.ch".
* You probably don't need any remote access (and export display), so I don't write how to do it here.

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